Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Evolution of a SOCCER MOM!!!!

Many are the plans in a man's (or woman's) heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21 (NIV) emphasis mine I was having dinner with a friend of mine the other night. She and I have known each other for a while now -- before we were both married. At the time I met her, my life was in a completely different place than it is now. I could not, nor would I have imagined my life as it is currently. To be completely honest, if someone would have held up a crystal ball and shown me my "future," I would have never believed it especially at the place I was at that season. Now I must add, that my friend Jenn was (and still is) a Christian and so was I at the time but being single puts a different outlook on a person's life. As she and I were talking the other night and I was filling her in on the things going on in my life, she kept saying "I can't believe it." So, I guess it would be fitting to give a little back-story on my place in life. When I met Jenn back in Jan 1999. (I think that's the correct year) Any way, it was a long time ago as I perceive it. At that time I was a single, corporate ladder climbing, fast-sports car driving (always in the color red), home owning, clothes shopping, on-to-go gal. Fast forward almost 10 years later and this is what you see now -- married, stay-at-home mom of a 4 yr old son, Bible study leader, women's Ministry participant, future home schooler (in the fall), cake decorating class taker, SUV driving (can't quite get into the minivan mode -- but I must admit they are becoming more appealing) kind of girl. I must say my life has changed a lot since that time but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It is funny how God marks out paths for us that we could never imagine. He knows the plans He has for us. (Jer 29:11). His plans are always better than our plans yet not always the way we want them. God wants His people to be happy, satisfied and growing with Him. God knew that at that time in my life, I was not happy. I may have seemed happy on the outside but I kept trying to get to the next level, have the next best thing, be independent, keep on the move and get there in a fast and flashy fashion. To be honest, when I walked into my home each night after completely spending myself in all aspects, I would close my door and feel so alone and so empty. You see, the life I had carved out and planned for myself was not as the Lord intended. He spent so many nights holding me as I cried myself to sleep. All along He never left me and I felt as He kept saying "this is not the way for you." It wasn't until I surrendered myself completely -- plans and all to Him, that my life changed and I became fulfilled by slowing down and listening to Him. So, as I complete this post I'm off to Bible study and then to contemplate which cake I will attempt to decorate next week at class. Want to join me???? Dear Lord -- Thank you for bringing me to a place of peace and contentment in my life. I thank you for friends that supported me through the process and all the people you brought along side me to encourage on my transformation. I pray Lord that you help me never to stop growing in YOU and following Your will for my life. I praise you dear Father -- AMEN. Application:

  • What has your transformation been like?
  • Think back 10/20 years ago, how did you see your life? Does it resemble now?
  • Pray that the Lord will guide and direct you according to His will and for His glory.


Dana said...

Great thoughts! Its funny how God changes us and molds us. I am an SUV driving one too (can't do the mini van) but can't let go of the fast car, either --- seen my garage?

I am so glad I allowed God to be in control cause surely I would have screwed up!!

Thanks for the inspiration. enjoy class tonight. I remember the last video was amazing.

The Sylvias said...

...It was March 2000 when we began our cRaZy journey together- I'll never forget, because it was the worst AND best year of my life.
I am so proud & AMAZED at how God has transformed you into the beautiful, strong leader you are today... and He's still not finished! Your powerful testimony will continue to help many others come to know the Lord. Thank you for sharing your daily thoughts & prayers on the blog- you're a true inspiration! Love you, Jenerator