Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update time..

Hey all!! I don't have anything "spiritual" to share with you. I just wanted to give a couple of updates. It helps with my accountability and to be honest, I am little obsessive about marking things off a list. So whatever it takes to get the job done. Here goes.... First of all, I have started the ball rolling on the hobby plan of mine. I signed up to take a beginning cake decorating class for 4 weeks in April with my good friend Tracy. Also, I got a little excited at the craft store and also signed up to learn how to crochet in May. Hey, I figured I could have a couple of hobbies in case I get bored. Like that will happen with the little man around -- ha ha!! But, I can plan for when he leaves home in about 20 years!! Next, I am working through my issue that God won't let me forget. I have made some strides and since I like to write, I have started to write out my stance on the subject. Thanks for the prayers. I am taking the summer off leading Bible studies at church so I can reflect on what the Lord wants me to do and to also spend time with the little guy since pre-school will be over. Finally, I am planning to go to the gym in the morning. I have even decided to wear my gym clothes to drop off the kiddo and go straight from there. If I come back home, I may invent or trip across a nice distraction or two like the laundry or the dishes. We can't have that!! It is currently raining outside and we need it, the little man is fast asleep on the couch next me and my hubby is nestled in the bed dreaming of motorcycle rides through the mountains and here I am up in the middle of the night writing on my blog. Since, it's a nice rainy night, I think I will slip the kiddo back into his bed, say a prayer over him that he sleeps through the night and then cuddle up to my hubby for a couple hours of shut eye. After all, I need to be well rested in order to take on the day. My first stop is the gym!!!! Blessings to you all! Paula Wed 10am -- I wanted to update the update and say I WENT TO THE GYM!!! YIPPEE!!!! Thanks for the push I needed and it doesn't hurt that Dana, Betsy and Alison are all getting in shape!!! Keep up the good work girls!

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Be blessed sweet one.