Friday, April 11, 2008

If God can use a Quirky-girl like me......

"......No, it is for God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it." John 11:4b NIV

My little fella had to go to the allergy doctor for the dreaded prick test. I must say that he was quite the trooper. My son has the ability to focus so intently on the TV that you can just about do or say anything to him without him noticing. That's just how we were able to get his testing done today -- TV and a movie about dinosaurs!!! Today, I considered that tendency to be a blessing but most days, I'm not too happy with the trait. Don't we all have traits that are not particularly appealing or desired? Yet the Lord can and will use them for His purpose. He can use anything, not just our quirks but He can use our mistakes as well. I know that in my life, I have doubted that I was worthy of God's grace, mercy or forgiveness. Internally, I felt like the equivalent of the elephant man but on the outside I looked and acted as normal as could be. God had a plan for me and those issues all along. I now see some of those aspects of my life "paying off" in His kingdom work. With my past, along with my personal inclinations the Lord has set me up for some interesting ministry work. I am able to relate to so many people on many different levels all because of my "mistakes" and proclivities to certain things. So, the next time you're thinking there is no way God will be able to use you because of XYZ sin, think again!! He has a path planned for you and for me that we would never have carved out for ourselves. So, buckle up -- it's going to be an interesting yet fulfilling ride!! Dear God -- Thank you for turning my darkness into light for You dear Lord. Thank you taking my ashes and making them beautiful. I pray that I stay in tune with You so that I may know the way You would have me to go. Thank you for Your grace, mercy and ultimately forgiveness because a wretch like me doesn't deserve it. I love you Lord. AMEN Application:

  • What quirks, inclinations and/or past mistakes do you feel the Lord can and cannot use?
  • If you feel you can't be used of God -- have you ever encountered a "saved" person that could relate to you?
  • If you feel you can be used of God -- good for you!!! -- How is God using you?
  • Pray that the Lord will use ALL of you -- the good and the bad for His glory!! The Word says that He will, just ask Him to show you how.

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