Monday, July 21, 2008

Update time

Hey all -- It's been a while since I updated everyone. As of last Thursday, our little family has done the following:

  • Little Man finished swim lessons last week and now is swimming like a fish. He is so excited to swim and is jumping in and doing cannonballs already. This is quite the about-face from a week ago.
  • Hubby and I laid new wood floors in our bedroom and rearranged the furniture.
  • Hubby and I put in a new sidewalk in the front of our house.
  • Celebrated my birthday! My boys were so sweet and had presents, hugs and kisses waiting as I woke up. They also took me out to lunch at Olive Garden, even though hubby is not a fan. But, I love the soup and salad combo there so they indulged me.
  • Working on brochures, flyers and general needs for our Women's ministry - -including our upcoming KICK OFF!

Next we are doing the following:

  • Cleaning out the spare bedroom, including closets. It comes after cleaning out our room to put down the new floors. The spare room has become a "dumping ground" for all clothing, shoes and other items we no longer want cluttering our bedroom. Why do we need so much stuff??
  • Finishing the trim on the floors in our room.
  • I am looking for new bedding for my room
  • Little man has a golf lesson with Renee's kiddos tomorrow
  • I plan to help my mom take care of my nieces and nephew this week. Please continue to pray for my brother, his wife and their 3 children.
  • I plan to update my blog this week with something of substance!
  • I am hosting a "flip flop" party at my home on Sat.
  • We're heading out on a cruise next month. (a reward for all of our hard work).

I think that is about it. That is a lot to pack into a couple of days. I am hoping we can take it easy the coming week.

Hope all of you are having a blessed week!


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