Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

The past week has been CRAZY-BUSY since I returned home. I have been trying to cram in a women's ministry kick-off event, finalize Bible study curriculum/materials, get my house back in some sort of order, LAUNDRY (it's amazing how much laundry 3 people can make in 10 days away from home), and so on and so on. I get to leave home again tomorrow but this time on a pre-planned get-away with the "girls." Our church has 81 of us going to Women of Faith this weekend. A couple of us girlies get a jump-start on the event and go over on Thursday night to have dinner, catch a "chick-flick" and just be silly for one night. Then we are ready to go the next morning at the event. On Sat night, I will return to my hubby and my little fella. We'll be back together for a week and then the following Monday, all 3 of us leave for Little Man's first ever cruise! I think my life may calm down by the end of Sept. The Kick-off event will be over, all my "trips" should be over, our nephew will be married and all our family will be gone back to Kansas. So, I say all that to say I am thankful for so-so much and I am so thankful that He always helps me find time to thank Him in all the busyness and craziness of life -- planned and unplanned.
  • I am thankful that Hubby still has his job, however they are making things difficult for him by making him work 6 days a week with no additional money or benefits. I am so proud of him for remaining positive and consulting God on what he should do.
  • I am thankful for a man that prays and consults God in all aspects of his life. -- I thank God for my spiritual head of the household.
  • I am thankful for the rain
  • I am thankful for friends that let me vent and friends that make me laugh
  • I am thankful for life and all that God has allowed me to encounter. Without all my experiences, I wouldn't be the person I am today, nor have the testimony to relate to others.
  • I am thankful for Women of Faith and such conferences for women to have a chance to spend time with each other and worshipping God.
  • I am thankful for all the ladies from our church and others that are attending the event.
  • I am thankful that my Mamall is doing okay since losing her mom a couple of weeks ago
  • I am thankful for my church

I pray that each of you is blessed this week.

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Denise said...

May God continue to bless you sweetie.

Kristi said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheryl said...

Have a great time on your girls getaway.

Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!

Sharon's Faith Dance said...

You are our Women of Faith champion! Thanks for all your hard work! You are truly a princess of the King!