Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stepping out -- WAY out!

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. Isaiah 6:8 (NIV)
I am about to embark on a calling that is WAAAYYYYY outside my comfort zone and it all began about 2 years ago. During that time of our life, Hubby's job was full of uncertainty and we cringed with each phone call from his boss, thinking is surely the time he would be laid off. Hubby was really searching and trying to determine what God wanted him to do at this point in his career. Consequently, Hubby started to discuss with me his wondering if the Lord was calling our family to full-time missions as an occupation. I must say that I was not on the same page. I was exactly where I wanted to be -- son in preschool, working heavily with the women's ministry at church, leading Bible studies and so on. I told him I did not feel that calling on my life at this point and suggested we continue to pray on it. A little while after our discussion I was sharing with the women's Bible study class that I was leading on Tuesday night that our family needed prayer as Hubby was trying to discern if the Lord was calling us to missions. I jokingly said -- "girls -- who knows, I may end up in Botswana." Why, I said Botswana -- I don't know. I can honestly say I didn't and still don't know that much about the country. I only edknew it was in Africa and a really long way from where I called home. Suffice it to say, we were not being called at that time in our lives to full-time ministry but God did perk our interest and opened our eyes to mission opportunities. I continued to say that if I went on a mission trip, it would be to Botswana. For me, it seemed safe because -- well, our church had never sponsored or promoted any trips to Botswana to this point. At our subsequent missions conferences, I spent time talking with missionaries that spent time in Africa and other places around the globe including my own backyard. I was completely amazed at how they stepped out for the Lord. Surely, I could never do that! All of that changed this past October, a missionary group our church sponsors was in town for the missions conference. I talked with them about their work and told them that I was supposed to go to Botswana. Ironically (or more like a "God-thing"), they were heading to Botswana immediately after our conference for a church-plant. UH-OH --I thought-- because now I may truly be committed!! But, to be honest, I was not upset or scared but a thrill went through me and I just wanted to hear more. I continued to check the missionary website and no updates for Botswana and then one day I noticed a trip was posted. However, then I started to question "does God really want me to go" or "do I just want to go." I then started making excuses of not having enough time to get ready, needing shots, needing to be home with my son, etc.... I put it in the back of mind but God kept bringing it to the forefront. Then the confirmation and so-called SMACK in the head was two Sundays ago at church. They published a mission trip offering list in our bulletin and wouldn't you know it -- Botswana was listed. It was the very same trip that I had talked myself out of a month prior. While the pastor was preaching (sorry Pastor David) -- I kept looking at the trip and nudged Hubby in the ribs -- saying "I am supposed to go to Botswana." He looked at me and said "pay attention!" I know he meant to the Pastor but in my spirit I knew God meant it to mean to His calling!! I am paying attention Lord!! I am heading to Botswana May 21st of this year!! Please check back as I will be posting how God has continued to confirm this decision for me; make a way financially and the overwhelming PEACE He has given me to step out on faith! Follow me if you please on my journey to step out of my comfort zone and follow God!! You can do so via email or just bookmark to check back often!! I would appreciate your prayers during my journey! Thank you Father for Your calling. I thank You for speaking to my spirit and allowing me to get a glimpse into Your heart for those half-way around the globe. Thank You for the peace that has overtaken me because left to my own thoughts and feelings I would be paralyzed at this point. I pray that You guide and direct me and allow this to be for You and Your glory alone. In the Name of Your Precious Son Jesus - AMEN!

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