Monday, March 31, 2008

Beth Moore - Jacksonville FL

Check out this inspiring clip from the conference!! Thanks to all the ladies from our leadership team that went this past weekend. It was truly a weekend I will remember for some time to come. It will also be among the memories I treasure. I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to share this awesome and life-changing weekend with each of you. Thanks to Dana, Betsy and Barbara for saving us such great seats on Friday night. A special thanks to Dana for humoring me and wearing her crown. =-) The Lord has truly used Beth Moore, Travis and the Praise Team to reach so many women. Just watching this clip brought tears to my eyes as I felt the wave of emotions flow over me renewing my memories of Fri and Sat. Thank you Lord for blessing me and my friends!! Will write more later once I have a little more time but for now, sit back and take in the impact of the conference captured on film and complimented by just one of the moving songs this weekend. Enjoy and Be Blessed!! Paula

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Dana said...

The weekend was awesome. I still have my crown :)

OH, I have something big to share w/ you too, hopefully I will see you this morning!