Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hiking Boots are optional....

To the Israelites (women, men, children, etc) the glory of the LORD looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain. Exodus 24:17 (NIV) emphasis added mine This past weekend as you know I attended the Beth Moore conference in Jacksonville with a group of friends. In no way do I want to come across as I worshipping or giving any earthly glory to Beth Moore, but I do wish to convey is that God has an awesome anointing on her ministry. She has a such a way of making the WORD relevant to everyone no matter where you are in your walk. I truly feel like my time spent on Friday night and Saturday morning was an intimate meeting between me and the Lord on a mountain top. Oh how I crave the feelings and emotions of being washed away in the moment and feeling His Spirit moving in the room like He was a warm blanket fresh from the sunshine. This weekend is just what I (and many other women) needed to be refreshed and reminded that God is still God no matter what our circumstances are. He can and will meet us anywhere we are -- in the bathroom, a conference center, in the car, at the mall, -- ANYWHERE!!! Why is it that typically these "mountain top" experiences as I have heard them come to be called seem to only happen at say church, a retreat or a conference? God is able to have "church" with us all the time, anytime. One thing that came to me, is that the only difference is me and my attitudes - not God's. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I need to adjust my thinking and wait expectantly for Him at all times. I can find that "mountain top" experience in the laundry room if I am tuned into Him and waiting for His word. I know that life gets busy and when we are in an environment that lends itself to thoughts of the Lord, it gets easier to meet with Him and give Him our undivided attention. One thing my weekend taught me, is to keep looking forward and follow my Jesus where ever He leads. Be ready and willing to converse with Him all the time, not just in my quiet time or at church. I do realize that not everyday or every occasion can be like this past weekend because after all, it wouldn't be too special or memorable if it happened all the time. However, the Lord is able to do all things at all times so the processes never changes with Him. It's us and our focus that is the common denominator in the equation. God is the constant and we are the variable that changes depending on the circumstances. I am thankful for the experience I had this past weekend and it only makes me fall more in love with Jesus and desire to be closer to Him. I guess that's why He only gives it to us in small doses -- just to let us get a small taste of what Heaven will be one day. I can't wait to camp out on that mountain top when I get to Heaven. I hope to see you there -- I think hiking boots are optional. Dear Father -- Thank you so much for blessing me this weekend by using such a wonderful and down to earth woman of God. She loves you Lord and passes that onto her audience. Please continue to bless Beth and her ministry and I pray Lord that you give me a portion of what she has in regards to her fire and zeal for you. Praise you Father and thank you for enveloping me as I went through this weekend. Thank you for renewing me and loving me like only You can do. In the precious name of Jesus - AMEN Application:

  • Have you had a mountain top experience? If so, when was the last time? How did you feel?
  • What do you do in your "everyday" life to reach out to God and meet Him on the mountain?
  • Pray that the Lord will provide you with opportunities to meet with Him on any available mountain.

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