Monday, March 3, 2008

Mercy ME!!

All these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God: Deuteronomy 28:2 (NIV) Hubby, a couple of friends and I saw Mercy Me in concert on Saturday night. What a blessing it was to see them. The music was not only inspiring but I believe I was blessed more by the sight of all the different types of people worshipping in their own way. I started to imagine (pardon the reference) that this may be like Heaven one day. No one was judging others. Yet, everyone simply sang praises to our Lord and worshipped. There were many types of worship - some had tears, some were dancing, some had lifted hands, some sat still in reflective praise, while some were a mix of all of the above. Not only were the worship styles different, but so were the people. We were from all walks of life - some were young, old, middle-aged, with and without children, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. It was a veritable rainbow of God's people. I believe this type of worship opportunity is how God intends for us to live our lives daily with one another. No pretense, no judging, no fear, no focus on others -- only focusing on our personal worship with the Lord and how we can be used by Him to further His kingdom. Sometimes that means helping someone we don't care to help, forgiving others, helping someone in need, praying for others, just sending a thought for the day, etc. The Lord equipped each of us to reach out with the "gifts" He has given us. He has us right where He wants us to be in order to be blessing to someone else. Not all of us can be gifted vocalists and song writers like Mercy Me but He has given all of us some type of gift that He purposed for His good work. I must say, Mercy Me was a blessing to me on Saturday night, along with an senior citizen sitting to the left of my hubby. She had so much spirit, singing and dancing the whole time. After the concert, I waited to the side and stopped her and told her what a blessing she was to me. She beamed from ear to ear and hugged me. Maybe, she needed to hear that and the Lord may have used me to bless her after she blessed me. I will never know but the one thing I do know is that my God does work that way. Isn't He great??? I can't wait to see how HE blesses me or uses me to bless someone else today!! I would love it if you would join me on my journey. Dear Lord -- thank you for gifting artists such as Mercy Me with voices and powerful lyrics that sing your praises. Thank you for allowing me to receive blessings and be a blessing. I am especially thankful that You allowed me to glimpse a small peice of Heaven on Saturday. AMEN Application:

  • Look around you and look for blessings in the ordinary and extraordinary.
  • How can you be a blessing to others today?
  • Take some time to thank the Lord for the individual blessings that He has given you.

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