Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My encounter with my worst nightmare!!!

Nothing spiritual today -- only a chilling tale of my encounter with a larger than life reptile (at least that is how I remember it ) -- Read on.... SNAKE !!! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read that word?? Well, I can tell you for me it gives me the downright "willies". For those that don't know what "the willies" are, let me explain the sensation. It's that hair-raising, every inch of the skin on your body feels like it is crawling, blood-curdling scream wells up in your throat feeling--- all this accompanied by the intense urge to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Well, at least that's how it feels to me. The reason I mention the word snake is because over the last week, I have encountered one or possibly two (depending on how fast they grow) on several occasions, none of which were at all concerting to me at the time (or for any time to be honest). Anyway, let me explain the situation. Our front and back yards are landscaped pretty well with what I like to call hiding places for slithering monsters. You know those lush areas with shrubbery and blooming azaleas and palm fronds that make a nice little home for the belly-dwellers. Well, the other day (it frazzled me so -- I forgot which day it was) my hubby and son were out in the back yard quietly admiring something in the grass. I was fortunately in the house at the beginning of their inquest or I would have surely grabbed the little fella and ran for hills, leaving dear hubby on his own. That however was not the case. I walked out onto our lanai only to ask through the screen what they were looking at and what had captivated them so. I expected them to tell me they were watching a worm or a cute squirrel, but NOOOOO -- they told me they were watching a SNAKE!! At the same time, I saw this "creature" stick his head up and slowing go through the grass. Meanwhile, these two Steve Irwin wannabes followed along behind him (I assume it was a him) at a safe distance because truth be told -- hubby is just as scared as I am of the critters. Which is why I was surprised at his boldness. Maybe he was showing off for the kid or maybe he's been fibbing to me all these years - HMMMMM... I digress. The slimy little varmint slithered his way in my direction (or at least it seemed that way). There was about 100 feet separating us but in my book that is TOO close for comfort. In any event, I stayed inside where he could not get me. Hubby and my darling, precious son continued to follow said predator until he slithered into the yard of our unsuspecting neighbor. I then felt I could venture safely from my hiding place. I was now on high alert and with good reason. This slither-meister had other plans and for some reason, he seems to enjoy our yard. So, do I but for innately different reasons. I feel that as the mortgage payer, I have more right to the yard than he does, yet he slithers and sticks out his tongue in a rather intimidating manner -- so I will give him latitude and the right of of way. Anyway, he continued to come back and forth so many times under the fence and each time I would yelp and off he would scamper back (can snakes scamper? - well you understand). Finally, I could no longer take the "cat and mouse" game he was playing and I went back into the house and called it a day. I even locked the door extra tight and shut the drapes just to make sure he no longer stalked me. On this day -- SNAKE 1 - Paula 0. It just doesn't seem right. Well, today I had another run in with a snake. This one resembled the first but he was a little smaller. The ONLY reason I know this ground-slitherer was smaller was because the other one from the other day was MUCH longer. I wonder if he called his buddies in snake talk and said "you need to go to this house and check out the crazy lady that lives there. She will cause you to laugh yourself right out of your scales. Just watch her jump every time you appear." The reason I say this is because this much smaller version of the monster from the prior day kept returning and getting in my path the entire day. I even left for the majority of the day and he continued his stalking after I returned. I must be on some snake wanted poster. In any event, here's the encounter I had with this little belly dweller. Early this morning, I had gone out to water my garden (yep - you read it right a garden -- I planted one -- I'll blog about it later). Any who... I needed to borrow hubby's garden hose from one side of the house and drag it to the other side. (we're working on a better logistical solution for my garden hose needs). While I was unreeling the hose from a hose bowl, I saw this baby snake in the bowl laying on top of the remaining hose left inside -- I still needed that hose but needless to say, my son and I ran in the house and got hubby. After all, I feel snake catching is in his job description. Anyway, he came out and wrestled this gigantor out of the bowl and persuaded him to join his larger counterpart in the neighbor's yard. (Side note: I hope that my neighbor is not reading this!!) Back to the story.... Being the trooper that I am, I went on with my plan to water my garden and did not allow the intrusion of a baby snake bother me. I would like to note that there is nothing -- I mean nothing cute about a baby snake. It's a snake no matter how old or young it is and it will always get the same reaction from me. You know the one --that "willie" feeling I explained earlier. So, from here on out I will no longer call them baby snakes as the word "baby" implies something cute, innocent and cuddly. I in no way shape or form want to get near any snake - a puppy or kitten yes but snake no. Just so ya know!! Anyway, the garden is watered. The family and I leave for the better part of the day. We get home and decide to work in the yard. Wouldn't you know that when I have to go to the back yard, who do I encounter? If you said a snake, you would be correct. Not just any snake, the little critter that had shaken me up earlier in the day. What is with these snakes??? From that moment on, I just started making as much noise I could whenever I needed to go anywhere near the aforementioned snake sighting areas. This seemed to work but now every time I hear any rustling I look around and plan my escape. That really stinks because we have lots of lizards in our yard, so I have a feeling I better keep on my running shoes or just stay inside!!! That's it!! That's my entry for today. Blessings, Paula PS -- Hubby checked on line (gotta love the Internet) and our "friends" are just your basic run-of-the-mill rat snake. That's a pretty yucky name and they are still snakes. Hubby says they are good to have around. I don't have to like 'em but I have to deal with 'em. Hey, on the bright side I don't have any rats... (or at least I better not with the army of "rat" snakes living in my yard.)

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Dana said...

ohhh, i hate snakes. We have our share of them in our yard. I sometimes carry an air pistol that shoots darts when I mow - just in case. although when mark tried to use it on one snake encounter it only made the snake madder :)