Monday, May 19, 2008

I was a teenager again for a couple of hours!!

Sunday night I went to see my all-time favorite band in the whole entire universe. Now this is not just some fleeting sensation in my life, but a tried and true group in my book. I have listened and been enamored with their music since I was a teenager. Just in case you were confused, I am far from a teenager now. Some 25 years later I am still a BIG fan!

I began my fascination and affinity (my mother would have called it an obsession) when I was younger for the band Duran Duran. Yes, they are still touring and yes they are still very pretty men. I think they probably spend more time and money on their hair than most women I know. Nonetheless, I still adore their music both the old and the new and I will always be a Durannie at heart!!

When I was at the concert with my gal pal, Glenda we both felt like we were 16 again and screamed our heads off and sang along with all the other middle age folks around us. I loved the transformation and even pondered what my life was like at that age. At 16, my eyes had seen way to much, I lived through more than anyone my age should, but yet I still had the innocence and the belief that anything was possible in my life. I knew even before that time that I would be more than the sum of the life I was dealt.

As I danced along, I no longer looked at these fellas on the stage with a sense of "hey -- look my way --- I'm your future wife" (as I did when I was 16), yet I just enjoyed the music and relived the thought process of my youth. Then, I considered, why has this thought process changed in my life? I can still think that way. After all, God is truly in control of my life and at this time I don't think (but then again I don't know) that I have one foot in the grave. Even if I do, as long as there is breath in my body, I can do anything I want to do, with the Lord's help and provision.

I must say that I enjoyed the evening and took LOTS of pictures. One of my favorite parts was spending time with my buddy and taking off all the hats that I try to juggle each day. For a couple of hours, she and I were no longer so and so's mom, hubby's wife, blah-blah's committee member but we were those giddy teenage girls that just wanted to dance, sing and have fun! Mission accomplished!!!

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