Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grandma Daisy update

Here are some photos of all of us last year! The first one is of 5 generations -- Mamall, Grandma Daisy, Mom, me and little guy. The next one is of the great-great grandkids with Grandma Daisy. The last one is me and my brothers with Grandma!

Well, folks my grandma is one tough old-lady. She was removed from life support yesterday around 1030am and she is still here at 210pm the following day. She will go onto eternal life just as she lived -- on her own terms!!
In my opinion, I think is sticking around for all the banter and laughter that is going on in her hospital room. At any given time, there are a minimum of 5 people and we have had up to 12 of us in here. Laughter can be heard down the hall. The nurses are probably thinking how odd it is that we're all having a good time at such a sad period. What we tell them is that we know where she is going and it's a celebration!!!

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