Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thank You

Hey all -- I wanted to take a moment and thank all of those that have been praying for my family during this time. I have been blessed and comforted by the emails and comments from people I have never met before and their petitions to the Lord on my behalf. We had Grandma's service last night and it was very sweet. The Lord led me to give a tribute to her and I will post that shortly. I will say that I was approached by 2 ladies that are not saved afterward and they told me that my words touched them and they liked what I said about leaving a legacy. They were blessed by my tribute to Grandma. Unfortunately, there was not an opening as they were in a hurry to leave to share the good news of Jesus and the need for salvation. I will continue to pray for them. Maybe the Lord will use the service to touch these ladies and cause them to make a profound step in their lives. Thank you again for standing along side me at this time! Blessings, Paula

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The Terrell Tribe said...

I'm glad you had an opportunity to share at Grandma Daisy's funeral. I'll keep you in my prayers! With a name like Daisy, how can I forget?