Monday, October 20, 2008

Please stop the merry-go-round

The Mighty One, God, the LORD, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. Psalm 50:1 (NIV)(emphasis mine) Time seems to be slipping away much faster now that I am getting older. That sounds like something my grandmother would say but unfortunately it is true. Time longer holds the mystique and lengthiness of my youth. Gone are the days in which the year stretched a little too long with Christmas and birthdays seemingly so far away. Nowadays, the holidays, birthday and approaching mortgage payments are among me much sooner than I would like. What happens to us as we age? Do we become more aware of time or just busier? I watch my son as he plays and goes through his day with reckless abandon. He can create and destroy whole Lego cities by 10am and then ask me the question "what now?." By the same time of the morning, I have loaded the dishwasher, started the laundry, made my "to-do" list and then ask the question -- "how will I get it all done?" It comes down to a simple premise of focus and perception. In my little guy's world, he has no real responsibility or "job" other than to play and be a kid. In my world, I have many roles that need to be covered in the span of a day. I often tell myself that I need to stop and get down to his level, leave the dishes for later in the day, ignore the mounting emails and demands for my time and just relax in the frivolity of the day. I think it comes down to taking things way too seriously. I find that I laugh a lot less these days because I allow myself to become distracted with "things," "goals," "have tos," "want tos," etc and forget about the basic act of just "being." The Bible talks to us about "being still." I guess the kiddos have it down with the exception of the "being still" part. Mine just goes about the day does what ever comes to mind yet stays close enough to hear my voice. He will ultimately stop whatever he is doing anytime I venture in the room to play or read with him. He craves my attention, my love and my company. Being a parent was the best lesson God could ever give me in how HE feels about me. I can only imagine that the love and devotion I feel for my little fella is only a drop in the bucket as to how much the Lord loves me (and you). I often beg for the Lord to speak to me, have a word for me, show me something, comfort me and so on. Yet, I do not sit still or have myself in a position that I am able to drop whatever I am doing at the mere mention of His name. If I could put away the busyness and wait upon Him or at least stay close enough to Him so that I am always ready when He is able to talk with me then I would be complete. That's a hard one for me. I can't even stand still when I am talking on the phone. Maybe my first step will be to play a little more with my little fella, run a few less loads of laundry, read and write a few less emails and just "be with" my little fella. Obviously, I could use a a lesson or too in how to slow down and wait upon the Lord. Dear Lord - Thank you for the gift of parenthood. Thank you for your still small voice that beckons me come if only I can remove the noise in my life to hear you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. In the name of Jesus, AMEN Application:

  • Do you make time in the merry-go-round called life to listen and spend time with the Lord?
  • Even when you are busy, do you have your finger on the pulse of God, knowing when He needs and wants your attention?
  • Pray that the Lord will show you how to remove unnecessary things from your life so that you can slow down and enjoy not only life but a relationship with Him as well.

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