Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance. Psalm 66:12 (NIV) (Beauty from Ashes by Crystal Lewis) I am always impressed by God but let me tell you that this ordeal with my brother has surpassed my wildest imagination and understanding of what a GREAT GOD we serve! As a refresher, my brother, his wife and their 3 children became homeless as of last Wed morning due to a house fire in their rental. Due to economic circumstances, the family had no rental insurance and no foreseeable means of replacing their belongings much less finding a new place to live. I sent out a prayer request to my home church and boy did they turn out to be the hands and feet of Christ!! From that, mini-groups were spurned from members within the youth, friends who took the plight to their offices, friends that shared the story with neighbors and so on... Well, tomorrow will be exactly one week since their lives were devastated and they now have a house full of furniture, large amounts of clothing for each member of the family, a pantry full of food, several gift cards and some monetary donations. The Lord definitely not only restored them but blessed them in abundance over and above what they had prior. The story goes back a little farther. My brother and his family were very far from God. My brother at least professed to be a Christian yet he lived his life differently and he was aware of that. He often said he knew the Lord had a calling on his life but he just couldn't heed it for one reason or another. The day of the fire, he finally realized that all he had left was his family and the Lord. He had no reason or excuse not to bow the knee and give all he had left to the Almighty. My brother and his family have a church they go to from time to time and this past Sunday they returned. The congregation and the Pastor loved on them. The congregation blessed them with an offering but the best part is that the Pastor has some rental property that came available just this past Friday. The location is ideal -- it's right next door to him. WOW!! For someone that was so far from the Lord, He picked them up and placed them next to a man they respect and admire for his walk with the Lord. His family has also been overwhelmed by God's love by using people just like you to be the hands and feet. Each piece of furniture, appliance, gift card, item of clothing, etc are reminders to them that God loves them enough to use each one of you. No matter if it was a donation or a prayer, it all has helped further my brother's progression back to the Lord. Furthermore, this whole process has impacted me, my mom, my lost step-father and those that have stepped forward to help without my asking. Special shout outs go to Pam & Josh Moore, the WolfPack, Lori Chirco and her neighbors, Pam McAuley, Jeff &Linda Jones, Daniel Duncan and the youth at FFC, Sarah Parker, Tammi and Paul Gibbons, the entire church family at FFC, and all my friends that donated time and items, transported and pick-up donations, and most importantly prayed. Thank you all so much for loving my family back into the arms of Jesus. Sincerely and with the Love of Christ, Paula

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In His Hands... said...

Paula - I am so very happy to hear this. I just logged on after hearing the news of the election and this is such a great reminder to me that all is in God's hands. Who would have ever thought your brother would live next to his pastor. We knew God had a plan in all of this and it is simply beautiful to see it played out. I had to replace my cell phone today and didn't get a msg from you. I'll try to call you in the morning so we can connect and give you the rest of the stuff. Garage is filled w/some great things and more on the way. God Bless, Pam