Monday, November 17, 2008

A Season to fulfull His Reason

Over the past month, I have had a front row seat to God's glory, goodness and provision yet I have been unable to sink my teeth into the bounty. My own spiritual journey is still in tact yet for some reason I am in a spiritual desert at this time. My soul feels dry and my thirst is unquenched. I find myself trying to pray and feeling nothing. I cannot ascertain why I am in this drought or why the Lord is allowing me to wander in the desert for a season and for what reason. I cry out to Him, yet my calls return void. I do see Him working all around me and I have not lost my zeal or desire for Him. I long for His touch yet I cannot feel Him near. God allows all of us to go through things in our lives to teach us to rely on Him. Fortunately, I personally am not experiencing what anyone would consider a major crisis yet, I long for the touch of my Lord. I am trying to determine what I am doing and what I need to change to draw Him back to my side. Fortunately, I have not lost my faith that He is in fact near but for some reason, He is not actively moving in an obvious way in my life. Many heroes of the faith experienced similar periods in their lives and God still considered them among those He favored. Take David and Job for example. David lived out his life for the Lord and lamented in the Psalms about the Lord not being near. Job also acknowledged God as the Lord of His life but did not blaspheme or give up the Father.even after he lost everything. I must admit that I am in no way in crisis or to any extreme of either of these characters but I can still relate to their situation. How long, O LORD ? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?

How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and every day have sorrow in my heart? Psalm 13:1-2a (NIV)

God will work with us and grow us to be the person He wants us to be. Sometimes, we are forced to walk a path in which we feel we are alone. But just as a protective parent, He is never too far away and always keeping a watchful eye on each of us to ensure we don't get hurt. And, if we do fall down, He will be near by to pick us us! I guess our walk with the Lord can be related to the way we feel in other relationships. We may not always feel "in love" or "happy with" the people in our lives, yet we still care and would never allow anything to happen to that person. In addition, the relationship is still important and valuable to us. Feelings can be fleeting and not sustaining, therefore we are not to live by feeling alone. My point is that God is always near and even if He isn't currently allowing me to "feel" His touch, He has not forsaken me and He won't forsake you. I plan to continue to seek His face and pray that He will touch me once again. It's just a season in order for me to fulfill his reason! I can't wait to come out on the other side and see what He is trying to teach me or to prepare me for in the coming days. Dear Father - I pray that You help me to feel Your touch and experience Your grace first hand. I pray that You show me what areas of my life may be hindering our interaction with one another. I thank You for loving me and staying close even though I may not be able to feel You. I praise You for who You are. In the name of Jesus - AMEN Application:
  • Have you experienced a period of "dryness" in your walk with the Lord? If so, how did it feel? Are you still there?
  • What do you think the Lord was trying to teach you or prepare you for during this time?
  • Pray that the Lord will open your eye to what He is doing in Your life. Give Him free reign and praise Him in the bounty and in the drought times of your life.


Renee said...

Good thoughts. I have had times like this also! In the end I learned to rely on God more and learned much from it!

In His Hands... said...

Paula - maybe it is because you have been so busy helping everyone else? He has given you strength during this time as you had to be strong for your brother and his family. You were the rock they needed and should you have fallen down on your knees you wouldn't have been able to be standing ready and waiting to pick up your brother and his family. Don't know the answer but maybe use this time to look inward at yourself and reflect what he has done for your the past months and praise him for the strong person he has made you spiritually and in faith. Maybe he wants you to take a leap of faith into a different chapter or to the next path where he will be there and you'll feel his touch. I know sometimes when I am super busy (had a week like that a couple wks ago) I was going so super fast I wasn't praying as many times a day but I knew he was still there. It was like he was on my right shoulder looking over me as I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. You are such an inspiration to me Paula. I am so proud of you for the loving Christian woman of God you have become and are. There is always a plan in everything he gives us and in time you'll better understand this chapter. Blessings ~Pam