Monday, November 10, 2008

Why taste...when you can feast?

The scurried sound of pitter-patter feet in rapid succession across the wood floor is my first indication that Little Man is headed my way. The only problem is his timing - it is 330am! Then I hear, "Mom, Can you cover me up with the BIG blanket." I oblige the little fella and tuck him securely and rather warmly into his cozy bed. He looks so small enveloped in his little cocoon. Once he is fast asleep- which was within seconds, I saunter back off to my bed where hubby is deep in slumber. I however am NOW wide awake. So, I lay there for about 15 minutes hoping beyond hope that sleep will engulf me and no surprise to me -- here I am an hour later typing away. As I lay in my bed contemplating sleep, I was reminded of when my little fella was close to a year old. He had one sentence he would say repeatedly whenever anyone was drinking something --"I want some.." He would then proceed to dip his pacifier in whatever you were drinking (and he didn't care who you were) to have a taste. He didn't want to take an actual drink, he just wanted a taste. As I thought back on this span of time in his life, I was also reminded of the lyrics to a song by Nichole Noredeman entitled.. "Please Come," particularly the chorus: There is room enough for all of us Please come, and the arms are open wide enough Please come, and our parts are never greater than the sum This is the heart of the one who stands before the open door and bids us come. How often in my Christian walk do I just taste what God has out there for me? I taste a sampling His favor, His provision, His promises, His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, and so on.. But how often do I truly sit at the table and partake of the entire feast? How often do I stay longer than to just get a taste of what He has for me? In crisis, I probably sit longer than I do on a regular basis. But, God does not tell us just to come when we are threatened but to come at all times. There is always an open door and He bidst us come. I want my walk of "I want some" to change to "I want it all" when it comes to what the Lord has planned for me. I want my allotted portion and I want my cup to be overflowing with His mercy and goodness. God is not a stingy God that He would hold back from us. He wants us to grow and flourish and we can do that best when we are planted firmly next to the living water where all hope springs forth. Won't you join me at the table? There is room enough for all of us!! Please COME!!! Dear Heavenly Father -- I thank You for the early morning inspirations. I thank You for pitter-patter feet. I thank You for lessons learned in the every day and the ordinary. I pray Lord that You continue to bid me come to Your table and to be with You for all eternity. Please forgive me for those times that I only taste and do not savour what You have for me. In the Precious Name of Jesus - AMEN Application:

  • Are you tasting from God's bounty? Do you grab a quick taste and leave or do you sit and savour His goodness?
  • What things, processes, thoughts, etc get in your way of spending time with the Father.
  • Pray for God to direct you in how to spend more time with Him versus just a sampling of Him.

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Sharon's Faith Dance said...

Very true, very true. Thank you for being my devotional for this morning! :o)I really needed that. It reminded me of my son Luke. He always used to want to be held and he would follow me around and say "Hold You! Hold you NOW!" istead of asking ME to hold HIM he wanted me to pick him up so HE could hold ME. It reminds me of how we think we are holding on to God but He is actually holding on to us. Neat huh? See how much our kids teach us? Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and wisdom from the Lord. You are a blessing to me. Hugs!