Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lucky Bags!!!

I can't believe it's already Saturday night here in Gaborone. It feels like I just left home in so many ways, yet feels like forever. In reality, it seems like one long day since I really didn't sleep much on the plane. Haven't done anything "mission-like" yet -- just traveling. The cultures are different and it is really odd to see so many passport control areas and customs officials just stopping people.

My trip started easy enough with my loving family taking me to the Tampa airport near noon. They walked me in, basically because I had so much luggage and couldn't do it myself. I checked in but was told that my flight was delayed due to bad thunderstorms in Atlanta. They were kind enough to put me on a earlier flight, that itself was 2 hours late leaving from the gate. At least they waited for me...heehee.. Anyway, got on this flight and while in route to Atlanta about the time to start our descent, the airport closed to incoming and outgoing flights. So, we were diverted to Columbia SC for refueling. We did not deplane but were there close to an hour. Once we arrived in Atlanta, it was 645pm. I was sure that my flight to Johannesburg would be delayed so I didn't sweat it much. I had to go to the farthest terminal away from the one I deplaned in. I arrived at 7pm which isn't bad but this was when they started the boarding for my 745pm flight. I was one of the last ones to board because of my zone, so they had no room for my carry-on luggage. So, my luggage was lucky enough to fly first class while I ventured into the "economy" section.
The Johannesburg flight was fine. They took really good care of us. I got to watch first run movies and one of my favorites, I LOVE LUCY! They fed us really well. I was given the exit row with lots of leg room. Can't complain about the flight but I was uncharacteristically unable to sleep even with the help of Tylenol PM and Dramamine. But, I really wasn't that tired. I was able to read, pray and just veg. We landed in Johannesburg and let me tell you, that was kind of intimidating with all the security. While waiting for our next flight one of the team spotted Michael W. Smith waiting at the gate next to us in line to board another flight. He didn't look like Michael to me.. but I have only seen him on TV and videos. He didn't have his hair "done"and boy does he look young in person. We went over and talked with him. I have a photo of him and the team leader. He was getting ready to board and I didn't want to hold him up asking for a shot with me. (so, you'll have to deal with the one I got.... I guess I can always photo shop myself in since I was there, just not right next to him.)
We arrived in Johannesburg and after filling out all the paperwork for immigration, it was time to go pick up my bags. But, low and behold no bags. Upon closer research, my little ol' bags were still in Atlanta. How's that for a fine how-do-you-do....2 bags stayed home and 1 road in first class and I went waaaahhh waaahhhh all the way home!! Nah, not really. I didn't cry. We actually ran into another group on the plane that was heading to do mission work here with a different organization. One of the ladies gave me PJs and clothes to wear to church in the AM. I do have my makeup, Bible and meds with me so I am okay. I can always get more clothes and stuff.
So, as it stands my bags will be making a solo flight here sometime on Monday to be returned to me. I sure hope they luck out like my carry-on bags did and travel in style.
That's it for update DAY 1. Don't know when/if I will have access again but please keep praying. I know God is going to make this a great week. I am kind of amused by the whole luggage thing and understand it's just another way for Satan to try to distract me.. Oh well, I am sure he'll try something else tomorrow. It's also night-night for me -- it's 430p back home and it's 1030pm here. I think I will try the Tylenol PM again and hopefully the exhaustion will overtake me and I will go to sleep. Hopefully, I won't dream about my luggage but then again, you never know. Sweet dreams all!

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Donna said...

I am so glad you are posting! Praying for you to get a good night's rest. I am so excited for you. Enjoy this adventure! Love you girl!